What We Do:


     Your dentist has referred you to us because of a problem with the tissue that's inside your tooth called the pulp (or nerve).  It requires the expertise of a specialist, an Endodontist.


     An endodontist is a dentist with advanced training in treating problems such as yours.  Endodontic therapy (more commonly referred to as a "root canal") is performed to save the tooth in which the pulp tissue has been irreversibly damaged by the bacteria associated with:

  • tooth decay,

  • very deep fillings,

  • fractures,

  • trauma,

  • or periodontal disease. 


    During our treatment, we remove the damaged tissue inside your tooth and leave the rest of the tooth intact. Usually, the only alternative to endodontic therapy is to have your tooth removed.

     In our practice, we perform only endodontic procedures and therefore have extensive experience in this area. We continue to learn the latest techniques and procedures by regularly attending continuing education courses, ensuring that you receive the best treatment available.

Check out this video produced by the American Association of Endodontists that walks through what a root canal is and how the procedure goes.